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FAQ: Mediation

What is the cost for mediation? 

  • Generally, it is $250 per hour which is shared between each party so individually you would be paying $125 per hour.  There is a one-time administrative fee of $300 ($150 each party).  A range of $2-3,000 per party is the average total cost. 

How long does mediation take?

  • If you can accomplish beginning to end in less than three months, I think you have done well.  The number of sessions depends on the number of issues and the dynamics between the parties.  I don’t come up with a strategy until after our first meeting and that is always subject to change given your particular circumstances.

Can I bring an attorney to mediation?

  • With advanced notice, yes.  Without advanced notice, yes but I would prefer advanced notice and a discussion with both parties before that meeting. 

Will I have a chance to review the Mediation Summary/Agreement before signing it?

  • You will always have an opportunity to review the mediation summary or final Agreement with an attorney.

Can I share the Mediation Summary/Agreement with an attorney to review before signing it?  Absolutely.