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FAQ: Arbitration

When is Arbitration most often selected?

  • Arbitration is usually the last resort when the parties are unable to agree on the division of household property or the final possession of a pet.

Is Arbitration binding?

  • Yes, once you agree to us this process, an arbitration hearing will be held and the arbitrator’s Award is legally binding.

Is an Arbitration Award the same thing as a court order?

  • An arbitrator’s Award may be filed with the Clerk of Court and have the same effect as a court order which remedies could include specific performance and contempt of court.  Not all Awards are filed with the court.  In this case, it would be enforceable through a breach of contact claim.

How often is Arbitration utilized?

  • Rarely in the family law setting except to deal with the division of household furnishings and possession of a household pet.